… and learn an exciting new game at the same time.

What is the Gael Londain Academy?

The Academy are a pre-season training and skills sessions for those aged 10 years and older (in 2019 that means born in 2008 or before). The focus is on making sure the children are fit before the season starts after Easter. This is ideal for all kinds of sports players – Gaelic Football, rugby, football, etc.

The sessions are free and there is no obligation to join the club.

What is Gaelic Football?

Think of Gaelic Football as a sort of cross between rugby and football. A fast-paced, multiplayer game, it is played with a round ball that is transferred from player to player by punching with the hand or kicking. The goals are similar to a soccer goal with rugby posts and points are scored by either netting the ball or kicking it over the crossbar.

Support your existing game, with skills like agility, speed, catching

Based at the home of London Irish

Fastest-growing children's sport in the UK

Lots of fun for your child

Boys and girls 5-17 years

57 acres of training facilities

Stunning , modern clubhouse

Want to come along and join us?

We are at Hazelwood from 7-8.30pm on Friday evenings from 18 January – 8 February 2019 and the sessions are free.

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We like the community feel to the club and the opportunity for our kids to participate in a team sport that keeps us in touch with our strong Irish to roots.
Parent, from an anonymous survey 2017

My son is happy. He has enjoyed learning how to play Gaelic football and has made friends
Parent, from an anonymous survey 2017

How relaxed everyone is. New experience and new friendships being formed.
Parent, from an anonymous survey 2017

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For more information, email Martin Gammon Gael Londain, Hazelwood Centre, Hazelwood Drive, Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 6QU